Debate Group & Professional Studies

The history of the Debating Club in Cherryfield College, Jikwoyi- Abuja is one worthy of talking about. Debating club is one club most children shy away from, the simple reason being the fact that in a debating contest, one contestant faces the fire at a time, unlike the other clubs like JETS in which the contestants are always a team working in tandem.

The task of building a courageous team of highly articulate public speakers was the poise of the school from the outset. Over the years, the school has groomed ‘King Lear’ of speakers who held their audiences spellbound in hotly debated topical issues and had won such contests. It’s a verifiable claim that Cherryfield College Debating Club has had three televised inter –school debates at the NTA Channel 5, Abuja and had won all among other locally organized inter –school debates.

This uneatable team we have had year after year remains formidable and has always dazzled the audiences. Welcome to the home of the hot debaters, Cherryfield College, Jikwoyi- Abuja.