Red House

RED HOUSE PANORAMA: The Red House is one of the four houses in the school. Red, as the name implies, is the colour of the house. This piece of work will cover introduction, flashback and expectations


The activities of the house cover moral, academic and sport. These are monitored through the framework of house meetings and house visiting. During the house meetings for instance, the house teachers deliberate on issues bothering on the aforementioned areas. By so doing, issues of bully, poor academic performance and sporting activities are addressed. The culprits are always vehemently frowned at and most importantly encouraged to show love and caring especially to the junior and younger ones. The students that exhibit good morals and commitment are always rewarded by special recognition on most occasions.


The house has enjoyed some good moments in the history of the school, worthy of note include: record of best house in matching, winning about two out of every three, so many medals won from the past inter-house competitions, excellent performance in inter-house debate and quiz competitions and many more. Overall, it has being interesting and challenging experiences for students and teachers that have gone through the house.


Only the living can be hopeful, so Red House is hopeful to better some of the challenging ‘challenges’,especially in sporting activities. We expect to retain all the trophies we won in the past inter-house competitions and hope to better other areas such as football, handball, basketball and any other area. Simply put, only best is better for red house.


The Red House master as well as the house executives wish the house, in spirit of sportsmanship, to be the best you can be and blissful celebrations. Remember, the ‘best regret’ is not worry over mistakes, but learn from every result that did not favour your prospects. Thanks.

Mr Ogboche Moru Edor.

( Red House Master )