Yellow House

When the color yellow is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Some people may think of the sun, shining so bright, others may think of flowers in a meadow swaying so gently in the evening breeze. But whatever the perception may be, it is always of beauty, brightness and tranquility which are the chief traits of members of the Yellow House squad of Cherryfield College

The Cherryfield team is made up of four houses, each dynamic and unique in different ways. Just like the color, Yellow House has been seen to dominate and outshine in a lot of aspects: sports, academics and otherwise. Whatever you may think of, it is always positive. With able house captains and understanding patrons and matrons, the Yellow House squad works together to help the other parts of the Cherryfield machine function properly. In all the inter-house sports competitions, we have had only one victory which was in 2014. The experience taught us that winners never quit and quitters never win. During the preparations for that particular Inter-house sports competition, other houses mocked the ever zealous Yellow House especially with reference to the color. As a family, we overcame the obstacles and devised new strategies to put us above the others and with God’s help, coupled with the efforts of the past housemaster, Mr. Peter Adole and the past house captains. The tedious preparations were not in vain as we emerged the winner of the 4th Biennial Inter-house Sports Competition to the dismay of many. This joy was however short-lived at the end of the 5th biennial Inter-house sports competition held in 2016 in which the baton of failure was, unfortunately, handed over to Yellow House.

            Now, with a revamp from the school management consisting of new house teachers, captains and students, the Yellow House squad is ready to dominate the on-going inter-house sports competition and once again inherit the crown with the help of God and the efforts of the house teachers and students. We know we can achieve whatever we set our minds to if we work hard for it. Even with the stiff competition, we know we are on a solid path with the other competitors. With 8 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 6 bronze medals, we have armed ourselves for the battle ahead. The 6th Biennial Inter-house Sports Completion, fondly called the CFC ‘Olympics’ has proved to be very interesting so far, with the final lap on the 3rd of March. The Cherryfield community awaits the crowning of the new champions – Who would it be?