Blue House

The house is as old as the college itself, even though students come and go once they complete their studies. The primary duties of the house are to build leadership consciousness, engender organizational skills and efficient time management, promote moral values, develop interpersonal relationships in a nuclear setting, inculcate a culture of team work and encourage personal hygiene among students. These aresalient issues that call for a constant reminder at our periodichouse meeting as instituted by the college management. Bearing these in mind, the Blue House has not been doing very badly in some of the competitions put in place by the college authorities. In the recently organised English and Mathematic quiz and debate competitions by the Social Committee, the house came first in the former and second in the latter. There is also a success story in the hostel house inspection.  In both the boys’ and girls’ hostels, the result is, in most cases, too close to call because of the commitment of the boys and girls to hygiene and the awareness of keeping their respective environmental domains tidy. The house leadership under the watch of Mr Akawu Joshua takes time up at meetings to admonish the student members to desist from allowing students from other houses to stray into their block of residence to drop litters so as to save them from the wrath of the school management and indeed,from that of posterity. House captains are therefore empowered to ensure that the right things are done at all times. This is done in line with Napoleon Hill, the father of personal development who admonishes us in his essay to ‘‘Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimateachievements.’’

Collectively, as a house, we frown at joining the crowd to perpetrate social vices in and around the school as such is alien to African value system. The house leadership also preaches to the students to always place collective interest above personal interest, the reason being that while selfish interest could fade away any time, the communal interest could not. This brings to mind the world celebrity, late Nelson Mandela, who stood firmly against apartheid in South Africa, the battle he fought for his people and conquered after twenty-seven years of incarceration with hard labour. On his own, he had every opportunity to be free and serve the interest of the white minority but he said no. Why? It is because his freedom is an individual freedom which might not impact positively on future generations of South African Blacks. Eventually in 1994, the wall of apartheid in that enclave came down with the emergence of multi-racial elections which Nelson Mandela massively won thereby, bringing a positive change to generations yet unborn in South Africa regardless of race or colour.

Right now, the 6th bi-ennial inter-house sports competition is on-going. The house is working hard to legitimately force its way to reckoning even though, at the moment, it looks as Green House is the champion in the waiting. We shall fight until the grand finale of the event when the goats will be separated from the sheep.

I wish my house the very best in the way it discharges its responsibilities, and implore all the members to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanshipin the on-going inter-house sports competition,regardless of whichever way the pendulum may switch.

Compiled by:

Mr Akawu Joshua

(House Master)